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Dante Gabriel Rossetti 12 May 1828 9 April 1882) was  an English painter and poet who was a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.  His depictions of his muse, Jane Morris, ensured her face became the iconic image of dark, enigmatic Pre-Raphaelite womanhood.


The Bradford Museum has launched an exhibition titled “Roseetti’s Obsession,” his pictures of Jane Morris,

Rossetti drew and painted Jane with obsessional intensity and she was cast in many roles – as Beatrice, Pandora, Proserpine, Astarte.

Whether in direct or symbolic guise, Jane’s compelling features are depicted with sombre intensity that offer a glimpse into Rossetti’s troubled soul.

Just take a look at this video, along with the music, and you will see some of the compelling and haunting images of Jane.

The next two video include many of Rossetti’s drawings of Jane,

Each is accompanied by music so fitting to Rossetti, Jane, and his obsession with her, that just the pictures and the music are enough. In fact, words are not even necessary, and  be a distraction to the Art. Words are what most people spend the most time on in their visits to museums, the Art gets perhaps 10 seconds, while the wall plaque gets two minutes or more. So this post is dedicated to the pictures themselves in the belief that Art should be seen rather than written about.


Those interested in more details are referred to our Post, “E- MUSEUMS:THE PRE- RAPHAELITES – TATE BRITIAN AND THE NEW MEDIA “





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