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Early Picasso, Very Early, Ages 8 to 15

  August 29, 2018 by Jack Dziamba. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday. Pablo Picasso, Age 8, “Picador” (1889) The early work of an artist is often cherished, first by parents, then by collectors. Shown in the post are works created by Picasso from age 8 to 15. Children are back to school, drawing, painting, […]

Research Team Uncovers Hidden Details in Picasso’s ‘La Miséreuse accroupie’ (The Crouching Woman).

February 21, 2018 by Jack Dziamba. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday. Artists Painting Over an Existing Painting Frequently, new scientific techniques have revealed one painting painted over another painting by the same artist. The painting of a woman has been discovered under Van Gogh’s painting “Patch of Grass, ” as detailed in (Photon Science, “Visualizing a […]

Elton John’s Extraordinary Modernist Photography Collection at Tate Modern

December 7, 2016. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday, by Jack Dziamba Elton John’s extraordinary  collection  of modernist photography is on exhibit at Tate Modern, until May 7, 2017. The BBC has published  an article along with stunning images from the exhibition.Some of those images are shown below, in a large format so that the […]

E- Museums: The Museum of Modern Art Puts 65,000 Works of Modern Art Online. So, How is this Different?

March 23, 2016. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday, by Jack Dziamba Upload/Download It seems that one can hardly turnaround before another museum or institution has posted a huge number of art works online. For example, Download 35,000 Works of Art from the National Gallery, Including Masterpieces by Van Gogh, Gauguin, Rembrandt & More, The […]


  September 16, 2014, by Jack Dziamba. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday. PICASSO SCULPTURE AT MOMA From the MoMA Picasso Sculpture webpage: “Picasso Sculpture is a sweeping survey of Pablo Picasso’s innovative and influential work in three dimensions. This will be the first such museum exhibition in the United States in nearly half a century.” […]

This Summer Go to Vassar’s eMuseum

New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center announces a new online searchable database of all 19,000+ objects in the collection, making the museum’s holdings available for viewing at any time. website, “Vassar College has been collecting works of art for over one hundred and fifty years, formerly as the Vassar […]


New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday at 8:30pm ET WHERE IS THE BOOK GOING? We have written a number of posts on how museums are in the forefront of using New Media technology, and comparing this to the dismal failure of the book publishing industry to use New Media technology to add value to an “electronic” […]