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Notre Dame is Burning, Spire Collapses, All is Not Lost – It Never Was – Notre Dame Has Always Survived.

Notre Dame is Burning April 16, 2019 April 15, 2019. Hundreds of videos, and pictures document the horror of the fire at Notre Dame, Paris. April 15, 2019. “French officials say it appears the facades and bell towers and flying buttresses and much of the rest of the building’s general structure have been saved.” Numerous […]

Berenice Abbott, Photographs At Martin Gropius-Bau Museum, Berlin

September 14, 2016. NEW POST GOES UP EVERY WEDNESDAY, by Jack Dziamba BERNICE ABBOTT, ARTIST As Anne Morin, the curator of Berenice Abbott, Photographs writes in the September 14, 2016 issue of L’Oeil de la Photographie, “The work of Berenice Abbott (1898-1991) played a decisive role in the history of photography and offered a new […]


April 13, 2016 – New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday, by Jack Dziamba    “A new exhibition exploring the themes of irony and satire in Paul Klee’s work recently opened at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, in what is the first major retrospective of the German-Swiss artist work in France in over four decades.” (Source: […]


New Post goes Up Every Wednesday. November 18, 2014, by Jack Dziamba. IMAGINE – PARIS Davide Martello plays John Lennon’s Imagine on a grand piano outside Bataclan theatre, scene of one of deadly attacks. IMAGINE – THE WORLD John Lennon – Imagine

Fine Art in the New Media – VISUAL LANGUAGE – Maison Européenne de la Photo – Do I Have to Know French?

September 9, 2015, by Jack Dziamba. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday. VISUAL LANGUAGE The phrase,”Visual Language,” may equate with the old “A picture is worth a 1000 …”  As an experiment on the power of the visual image, and its ability to transcend the limitations of language, view the the video below (be sure to view it […]

E-Museums – La Belle Epoque: Paris 1914 via a Museum in Germany

New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday at 8:30 ET. The BBC in an article, “La Belle Epoque: Paris 1914,” described Paris in 1914, Paris in 1914 was a city giddy with the pace of industrial, scientific and cultural change,but deeply – and as it turned out, rightly – anxious about what the future would hold. […]


New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday, 8:30 pm, ET. MoMA AND THE USE OF NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGY Bibliothèque nationale MoMA presents Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light, at the Museum of Modern Art is the first solo exhibition of Labrouste’s work in the United States, establishes his work as a milestone in the modern evolution […]


New Post goes up every Wednesday at 8:30PM EST WILL THIS EVER MAKE IT INTO THE HISTORY BOOKS? PART 2 WHOSE IN CHARGE HERE? One of the ongoing debates in history is whether “History” is made by the man (or woman) in charge: Caesar, Alexander, Charlemagne, William of Orange, Napoleon, Catherine the Great, Queen Victoria, […]