Can “AI” Predict the Upcoming Auction Price for a Rothko Painting?

The Auction Price On May 16, 2019 Sotheby’s will conduct an auction of three works by Mark Rothko. The work above is one of them, “Untitled 1960.” The painting is to be auctioned at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale on May 16, 2019. Sotheby’s is forecasting the painting will sell for between $40.1-$57.2 million. The […]

A Museum Existing Solely in VR

A VR Concept of the “Museum Without Walls” In 1947 André Malraux began his book, and project the “musée imaginaire (Museum Without Walls). Malraux used the new media of his time to create a ‘museum without walls,’ as he described it, a montage of photographs of art from all around the globe and throughout history, […]

Notre Dame is Burning, Spire Collapses, All is Not Lost – It Never Was – Notre Dame Has Always Survived.

Notre Dame is Burning April 16, 2019 April 15, 2019. Hundreds of videos, and pictures document the horror of the fire at Notre Dame, Paris. April 15, 2019. “French officials say it appears the facades and bell towers and flying buttresses and much of the rest of the building’s general structure have been saved.” Numerous […]

Pre-Raphaelites in the New Media

The Pre-Raphaelites in the New Media? Since this a site dedicated to the Book and Fine Art In the New Media, we’ve decided to concentrate on that, as we did in the beginning, rather than become a site that reports and comments on Books and Art in general. Also, we don’t want to the site […]

The Women of the Bauhaus Movement

Bauhaus at 100 2019 marks the 100 anniversary of the Bauhaus movement. Celebrations throughout the workd will focus the School, and it’s leading artists such as Paul Klee, Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky, László Moholy-Nagy, Oskar Schlemmer , all men. But what about the women of the Bauhaus Movement? Bauhaus School “Open to All” The Bauhaus […]

Nureyev,”White Crow,” Transform the Dance, Transform the Man

Nureyev As reported by the BBC, “In 1961, the dancer Rudolf Nureyev defected to the west from the then-Soviet Union’s famed Kirov Ballet. An apparently last-minute decision to seek asylum in France made him, at 23, the best known male dancer in the world. A glittering career followed. The new film The White Crow (click […]

When William Faulkner Set the World Record for Writing the Longest Sentence in Literature: Read the 1,288-Word Sentence from Absalom, Absalom!

“Nobody Reads Anymore.” William Faulkner’s Writing ONE of the most insightful comments about William Faulkner’s writing was written recently by Josh Jones in Openculture, “Not only does Faulkner’s deep affiliation with his characters’ inner lives elevate his portraits far above the level of local color or regionalist curiosity, but it animates his sentences, makes them […]

With [Liberty] and Justice for All. Post Office Puts Wrong Statue of Liberty on Stamp Must Pay Artist $3.5M

The Forever Stamp Artist Robert S. Davidson, charged that the government mistakenly used a photograph of his Las Vegas sculpture of Lady Liberty for a stamp without permission. The Post Office licensed a photo of Davidson’s statue from the image service Getty for $1,500, initially believing it was a photograph of the original statue. (The […]

The Russian Soul in Art

The Russian Soul “It is sad, yet joyful, on a silent summer’s night, in a voiceless wood, to hear a Russian song. Here we find unlimited sadness without hope. Here, also is unconquerable strength and the unalterable stamp of Fate; here, also is iron predestination. —Alexei K. Tolstoy Russian Art The role of the artist […]

Edward Hopper and the Human Condition

Edward Hopper – The Human Condition “Edward Hopper was prone to melancholy. “His work is often called evocative and psychologically disturbing. Whether painting a theater lobby, a restaurant, or a private room, Hopper depicted impersonal, harshly lit spaces. Human figures are motionless, as though suspended in time. (Thought.com) Edward Hopper – Existential Loneliness Hopper “captures […]