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Book Publishing and the New Media -This Is Not An E-book – The Getty’s “Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography”

August 8, 2018 by Jack Dziamba. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday. Book Publishing and the New Media – This is not an E-book E-book sales have been in a steady decline because of high prices and lack of added value. Consumers have now come to realize that the e-book is merely a static copy […]

Sam Shepard / Samuel Beckett – a Tribute

In this Article, we wish to celebrate his life of Sam Shepard as an Actor, Playwright, and a brief comparison of the theme and purpose of the works of Sam Shepard, and Samuel Beckett.

“A Clockwork Orange” and “The Shining”- Music Composed by Wendy Carlos

July 5, 2017 by Jack Dziamba. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday. Wendy Carlos’s Synth Scores- the Near-Unbearable  Tension’s in Kubrick’s Worlds Wendy Carlos’ theme music for Stanley Kubrick’s  A Clockwork Orange and The Shining “are indispensable in creating the dread and horror that carry through these cinematic masterpieces. As you can hear in the opening title […]

60 Free Film Noir Movies – “The Most American Film Genre” from Open Culture

Re Posted from Open Culture * “During the 1940s and 50s, Hollywood entered a “noir” period, producing riveting films based on hard-boiled fiction. These films were set in dark locations and shot in a black & white aesthetic that fit like a glove. Hardened men wore fedoras and forever smoked cigarettes. Women played the femme […]

Free: History of the World on YouTube from British Pathé

New post Goes up Every Wednesday at 8:30 pm ET Well, from 1896 – 1976, actually The following is reprinted from a post from Open Culture*, one of the best sites for Art and Literature on the web!! Free: British Pathé Puts Over 85,000 Historical Films on YouTube British Pathé was one of the leading […]


New Post Goes Up Every Wed. @8:30PM ET CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART – FINE ART IN THE NEW MEDIA The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gallery One, opened in January 2013, and, as the Gallery’s  website indicates, “features the largest multi-touch microtile screen in the United States, which displays images of over 3,500 objects from the […]


Tolstoy in Uniform “Все счастли́вые се́мьи похо́жи друг на дру́га, ка́ждая несчастли́вая семья́ несчастли́ва по-сво́ему.” “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” New post goes up each Wednesday at 8:30 pm ET. Third  in a Series of 3 on  e+ the enhanced e-book. Anna Karenina / Анна Каренина […]