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A Museum Existing Solely in VR

A VR Concept of the “Museum Without Walls”

In 1947 André Malraux began his book, and project the “musée imaginaire (Museum Without Walls). Malraux used the new media of his time to create a ‘museum without walls,’ as he described it, a montage of photographs of art from all around the globe and throughout history, stretching from Roman sculptures to Impressionist painting.” ArtInfo,

The Kremer Museum

At the “Kremer Museum, the lighting is perfectly optimized to accentuate the colors, brushstrokes, and details in each painting. The frames reflect light differently than the art, and soon, all of the lighting will be adjusted according to each visitor’s height to entirely eliminate glare. Visitors can not only view the front of each painting, but also the back, and potentially the X-ray as well—and they can do so from anywhere in the world, (with the proper gear. The museum exists solely in virtual reality.”

Fine Art in the New Media

“To build the museum, the Kremer Family commissioned renowned architect Johan van Lierop to design an elaborate virtual environment and employed digital content producers to use photogrammetry—a process that involved taking thousands of photos of each object—to render 3-D, high-resolution virtual replicas of every painting in the collection. Next, they created holograms of experts including George Kremer himself to help explain the history and importance of certain paintings.” Artsy

By use of the New Media, The Kremer Museum makes its collection available to anyone, anywhere.

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