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Oldest Human Art – 73,000 Years Ago. World’s Oldest Art – 430,000 Years Ago. What Does This Mean For Art and What Does IT Mean For “US”?

Who are “We”? “What is “Art”?
Popular wisdom believes that Abstract Art is one of the highest forms of cognition, and that “Art” was created by us, Homo sapiens 73,000 years ago. Yet, the evidence shows that abstract cognition, and abstract art existed 430,000 years ago…


Is There a Connection Between Science and Art?

December 13, 2017, by Jack Dziamba. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday. The painting above is from the National Gallery’s collection.  It depicts an Egyptian noblewoman and is a Fayum portrait, a type of painting that was attached to mummies of that time and believed to depict the image of a real person. Science and […]

2017 – The Merger of Science and Art – The Universe and Beyond …

December 28, 2016 by Jack Dziamba. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday. SCIENCE AND ART Often a false dichotomy serves as the basis for much of the debate in Economics, Politics, and even in Science, and Art. The false dichotomy wrongly assumes that the answer is either this or that – there are only two […]


ART ON MARS Mars has long captivated astronomers and space scientists. There are certain aspects about the planet that make it both suitable and at the same time lethal for the growth of any kind of life on it. During the late 60s, NASA detected traces of water on the Red Planet. A detailed analysis […]