Samuel Beckett – 25 Minutes on the Internet – An Experiment

Time and the Internet The Internet” is now seen as the cause of short attention span. Before the Internet, the cause of a short attention span was assigned to Television. Before that … Some though assign the cause of short attention span to human nature, where the mind is constantly active , reacts to stimuli, and […]

Vladimir Nabokov [Christopher Plummer] Teaches Kafka at Cornell

November 9, 2016. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday by Jack Dziamba The Metamorphosis – A Study: Nabokov on Kafka (Played by Christopher Plummer) Nabokov, Kafka, and You In this era of shortening attention spans, the following is quite meaningful, “The most dangerous thing about an academic education is that it enables my tendency to […]


April 20, 2016. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday by Jack Dziamba Shakespeare’s First Folio: “The greatest work in English literature.” WHEREFORE ART THOU, MACBETH? ArtDaily -The “First Folio” was published in 1623 — just seven years after Shakespeare’s death — preserving “Macbeth” and 17 other works that were never published in the Bard’s lifetime […]

New York Public Library Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse

New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday by Jack Dziamba SPOTLIGHT ON THE PUBLIC DOMAIN “On January 6, 2016, The New York Public Library enhanced access to all public domain items in Digital Collections so that everyone has the freedom to enjoy and reuse these materials in almost limitless ways.” Three Screens, Three Live Links   […]

What Did Shakespeare Sound Like to Shakespeare?

Shakespeare Mention “Shakespeare” and  the rich pronunciations of https://www.youtube.com/embed/lsrOXAY1arg“> Richard Burton or https://www.youtube.com/embed/5ks-NbCHUns“>Sir Laurence Oliver , in Hamlet echo in our minds. But, what did Shakespeare really sound like? What did Shakespeare’s English Sound Like to Shakespeare? Here, thanks to Josh Jones  at Open Culture, is an explanation: “What did Shakespeare’s English sound like to Shakespeare? To his audience? And how can we know […]


June 24, 2015 – New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday Juilliard Open Studios App This blog is devoted to the Book and Fine Art in the New Media,institutions which use New Media to fufill the mission of making Art available to everyone- everywhere. On May 28, 2015, The Juilliard School announced the release of the free App, […]