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Nureyev,”White Crow,” Transform the Dance, Transform the Man


As reported by the BBC,

“In 1961, the dancer Rudolf Nureyev defected to the west from the then-Soviet Union’s famed Kirov Ballet. An apparently last-minute decision to seek asylum in France made him, at 23, the best known male dancer in the world. A glittering career followed. The new film The White Crow (click for trailer) dramatises the defection and the early years which led to it. “


“At 22, the dancer Oleg Ivenko hasn’t acted before but he was chosen by director Ralph Fiennes to play Nureyev in the new biopic The White Crow. Born in Ukraine, he grew up speaking both Ukrainian and Russian. His career as a solo dancer began at the Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in Kazan, 500 miles east of Moscow. ” (BBC News).

The Man

While the main focus will be on the Dance in the film, “White Crow,” the dramatic portrayal of Nureyev the man is as important to define Nureyev as it was his dance, and his personality outside the theater that made him an international star. Take a look. H/T Mark Dziamba

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