Yale University Press published the most comprehensive, definitive study of Jasper Johns’s work

Whither the The Book?

In the digital age, the printed Fine Art Book survives.

Jasper Johns Book “Redo an Eye”

“Yale University Press, in association with the Wildenstein Plattner Institute,  released a spectacular single-volume book that presents the most comprehensive, definitive study of Jasper Johns’s work ever published. ”

“The book is Jasper Johns: ‘Redo an Eye’ (publication date: October 3, 2017), by renowned Johns expert Roberta Bernstein. The book, not to be confused with the catalogue of the exhibition, is a standalone volume, the definitive distillation of the important scholarship that Bernstein conducted over many years: the culmination of her lifelong investigation of one of the greatest American artists of the 20th century.”

“Adapted from her groundbreaking catalogue raisonné of the paintings and sculpture, it contains nearly 400 illustrations, including 374 in color. Richly illustrated with comparative visuals, it provides the reader access to the plethora of Johns’s own influences, and firmly grounds his work in an art historical context.”

The Author – Roberta Bernstein

“Roberta Bernstein has an unparalleled vantage point on the work of Jasper Johns, and she is uniquely qualified to bring clarity to the engaging, vital, and contemporary themes that Johns revisits over the course of his long career. She is author and director of Jasper Johns: Catalogue Raisonné of Painting and Sculpture, and professor emeritus of art history at the University at Albany, State University of New York. Over her fifty-year career, Bernstein has worked with Johns in his studio, written extensively on his work, curated exhibitions, and developed a friendship based on engaging with his artwork. She is co-curator of a major Johns exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in London (September 23, 2017 to Dec. 10, 2017), then to The Broad, in Los Angeles (February 10, 2018 through May 13, 2018).” (All quotes: Art Daily)


2 comments on “Yale University Press published the most comprehensive, definitive study of Jasper Johns’s work

  1. Ah, the power of suggestion in an excellent Whither… Just purchased Redo an Eye via Amazon Prime. Discovered their price is right after doing a search. Thank you Jack! The book is a Modern Art lovers must!

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