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Gender Equality in the Art World. When?

“Men have always Dominated the Western Art World.”

“In 1989, the Guerilla Girls counted the number of women represented in The Met’s modern art sections,” notes Artists for Gender Equality. “Less than 5 percent of the artists were women and 85 percent of the nudes were female.” If you think Hollywood’s the only creative industry suffering gender discrimination and bias, check out the new short film series on the art world. (Mashable)

“Although women artists have seen greater exposure in recent years, the reality is that they continue to lag behind men across every metric—including the prices their works command at auctions, their representation in gallery rosters, and their presence in museum collections.”

The Film Series

   On November 29, 2017, Artsy published the third installment in its film series titled “Artists for Gender Equality in Art.” The series is in three parts, ” I. Past,”  “II. Present,”  and “III. Future.” This post will concentrate on Part III.  “The Future”

The “Change” in the Art World Today

“As artist and Gucci muse Petra Collins observes, the change we see in the art world today often amounts to mere tokenism—the inclusion of just a handful of women or people of color in a group show to give the appearance of diversity, for instance.” (Artsy)

“Ghettoizing” vs. Equality
“As performance artist Narcissister notes, is the “ghettoizing” practice of dividing artists into groups based on their race or gender. What would true gender equality in the art world look like?” (Artsy)
III. Future
“In the final chapter of the series, Collins, Narcissister, artist Genevieve Gaignard, and curator and gallerist Anthony Spinello look toward a world where all artists have equal opportunity—one in which there are truly inclusive museums and galleries that embrace multiple narratives, and where women and men are ready to address the biases that run deep within the art world. Featuring (in order of appearance) Genevieve Gaignard, Narcissister, Anthony Spinello, Petra Collins, Joan Semmel, Marilyn Minter, and Faith Ringgold.” (Artsy)

Listen to These Artists’ Words in the Video Above.
 Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 8.15.10 AM

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