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Giacometti and You – In His Studio

October 4, 2017 by Jack Dziamba. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday.

Giacometti’s Studio

“The British Arts Council’s short film above affords an intimate glimpse into Alberto Giacometti’s studio in Montparnasse circa 1965, the year when he was the subject of major retrospectives at both the Tate Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.” (OpenCulture.)

Alberto Giacometti‘s studio was described by biographer, James Lord: “The whole place looking as if it had been thrown together with a few old sticks and a lot of chewing gum … In short, a dump.”

Jeane Genet described the studio a bit more poetically:

“This ground floor studio… is going to cave in at any moment now. It is made of worm-eaten wood and grey powder…. Everything is stained and ready for the bin, everything is precarious and about to collapse, everything is about to dissolve, everything is floating…. And yet it all appears to be captured in an absolute reality. When I leave the studio, when I am outside on the street, then nothing that surrounds me is true.”

Indeed, a photograph of Giacometti outside his studio shows not only the character of the studio, but, in a way, he looks like one of his own sculptures.

Giao 1

An Artist’s Studio

The environment in which an artist works may or may not be related to the actual work. Nevertheless,  there is a certain closeness to the artist in being able to see what his or her actual studio looked like. And, as in the video above, to be able to actually see the artist at work gives us an intimate look into the artist’s creative process.

Fine Art in the New Media

For fine art, the term “New Media” doesn’t have to mean the use of flashing lights, bells and whistles in an attempt to capture our concentration. Instead, the term should mean the use of media tools, both new and old, which bring us closest to the artist and the work.. Even the use of the “old media” such as photography, film, and video brings us there, but coupled with the near-universal access of the “new media,” brings all of us there.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.17.30 PM

Photographs by Ernst Scheidegger © 2017 Stiftung Ernst Scheidegger-Archiv, Zurich.
H/T Ayun Halliday, Open Culture.













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