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Edward Hopper – In His Own Words, “What Is The Meaning Of Your Work?”

April 26, 2017, by Jack Dziamba. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday.

To: Edward Hopper – “What is the Meaning of Your Work?”

In the video above, published in March 2014 on You Tube, “Edward Hopper discusses the slow development of his iconic images, [as] part of the exhibition ‘Hopper Drawing: A Painter’s Process’ at the Walker Art Center.” Near the end of the video, Hopper is asked about the meaning of his work. It is one of those questions everyone is dying to ask an artist, but rarely does.

Hopper “The Waiting Game.”

The playwright David Mamet, when asked some years ago said, “Once my work is out there, it has a life and meaning all of its own. What I had in mind no longer matters.”  Robert Frost, on the other hand, said that  of his work has been misunderstood, that his work is much darker that popularity described.

Hopper  says, “It’s how the viewer sees the pictures, what he sees in them.” Thus, Hopper, Like Mamet maintains that what is important is what the viewer sees in the work.

How to Describe The Meaning of Hopper’s Work?

One viewer* in the video below, gives great articulation as to how he sees the meaning of Hopper’s work, “Nighthawks.”  How about you?


* The video is from The Nerdwriter, an excellent site that covers a wide variety of topics: art and culture, philosophical, political, moral, psychological, financial, artistic,  and scientific, that we recommend highly.

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