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Samuel Beckett – 25 Minutes on the Internet – An Experiment

Time and the Internet

The Internet” is now seen as the cause of short attention span. Before the Internet, the cause of a short attention span was assigned to Television. Before that … Some though assign the cause of short attention span to human nature, where the mind is constantly active , reacts to stimuli, and seeks change. However, the mind also has to have the capacity for sustained concentration.

Whatever the cause, for many, 15 seconds on the internet seems like a lifetime; 60 seconds on the Internet seems like an eternity; 30 Minuets on the internet approaches infinity.



 Eh Joe – The Experiment

Eh Joe marks Beckett’s first writing specifically for television. Beckett began drafting Eh Joe in the middle of April 1965 at his Ussy retreat house and finished some two weeks later (Project MUSE).”

The production above stars Liam Neeson and was directed by Adam Egoyan. So, we have Samuel Becket, Liam Neeson, and Adam Egoyan,  together, a pretty good draw.  The production lasts some 25 minutes. The Experiment is to see if you can watch it to the end. Note down wherever you stop and  your reasons why.





The Book and Fine Art in the New Media

The “New Media,” even the “Old New Media” of the Internet has made Books, Fine Art, Drama, and Dance available to everyone, everywhere.

Some though, use the Internet as a vehicle for a quick hit – googling something,  playing a video game, checking social media, shopping, and, of course, with a smart phone, texting.  How about you? Eh?

More: However far you did make it , perhaps you’d like to see the  script.


* Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social science content for the scholarly community.

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