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Johannes Vermeer (1632 - 1675 ), "Girl with the Red Hat"

Johannes Vermeer (1632 – 1675 ), “Girl with the Red Hat”

Jan or Johannes Vermeer van Delft, b. October 1632, d. December 1675, a Dutch genre painter who lived and worked in Delft, created some of the most exquisite paintings in Western art.(webmuseumparis)

Then Vermeer was forgotten for 200 years. “The “rediscovery” of Vermeer is predominantly attributed to scholar, collector, French Salon critic and co-founder of L’Alliance des arts, Etienne Joseph Théophile Thoré (1807-1869), alias Thoré-Bürger. (essentialvermeer)

So Few Paintings

“John Montias, who has analyzed every shred of historic evidence regarding Vermeer’s art and life, has speculated that the total number of paintings executed between his first dated work, The Procuress (1656) and 1675, range approximately between forty and sixty, a truly paltry number if compared to the standard output, often counting into the hundreds, of Dutch painters of the Golden Age.” (essentialvermeer)

“Though Vermeer himself achieved modest fame during his own lifetime in his hometown of Delft and in The Hague, he died in debt in 1675, and was subsequently forgotten. Since then, of course, he has become one of the most famous European painters in history, with as much name recognition as fellow Dutch stars, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.” (open culture)

Download All 36 of Jan Vermeer’s Beautifully Rare Paintings

Now,  thanks to Open Culture, you can Download All 36 of Jan Vermeer’s Beautifully Rare Paintings (Most in Stunning High Resolution):

A note from Open Culture: “Note: Although most images listed below are in high res, several aren’t, and they tend to appear toward the bottom of the list.”. All of the images in the list above are opensource.

More: “EssentialVermeer 2.0”

To learn about the composition, technique, history, and influence of Vermeer’s  thirty-six paintings, you should visit the excellent “Essential Vermeer 2.0, a thoroughly comprehensive site with an interactive catalogue, bibliographies, research links, interviews, essays on technique, list of Vermeer events and online resources, and much, much more.” (openculture)

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