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Did You Ever Think Edvard Munch Could Be THIS Exciting?

November 17, 2016 by Jack Dziamba


Click Here Edvard Munch, Girls on the Bridge. (Image: France4)

What Every Art Video Should Hope to Be*

This video is what every art video should hope to be. This presentation is on fire with the joy that should come with experiencing art. In this digital age, a lot has been done to eliminate many of the barriers – geography, wealth, ability to travel, as well as eliminating the hush-like atmosphere of many of the world’s museums – thus  fulfilling the critical mission of making art accessible to everyone, everywhere.

This is Not the Talking Heads

This is not an erudite “talking head” video. The presenter conveys the enthusiasm and joy which  should be a major part of looking at art. (We’ve written before on the fact that most museum goers spend immensely much more time reading wall tags or listening to audio presentations than actually looking at the art itself.)

The camera work and video editing is of the highest professional quality. The video immediately cuts to the art to illustrate every point in the presentation, making the integration seamless.


The script of this presentation is clear, direct, informative, exciting, understandable by everyone, and actually teaches you something about the art.. These should be the goal of every art video. The whole video grabs your attention, keeps it, and presents the art in a way that will stay with you forever.


*H/T Leon Russell, “A Song for You.”
H/T 2 Art Daily

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