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Vincent van Gogh, LIVE! Another Fantastic use of Fine Art in the New Media by the Van Gogh Museum

May 11, 2016. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday, by Jack Dziamba

Fine Art in the New Media

The Van Gogh Museum continues to astonish and break new technical ground in its use of the New Media tools to make Van Gogh, and his art accessible  to everyone, showing the artist as well as the art in ways not yet seen from other major institutions. Two of our earliest Posts, in 2012, featured The Van Gogh Museum itself, and The Van Gogh Letters. *

Recently, the Museum has released a number of new features on its website. In keeping up with its  level of excellence in the use of the tools of the New Media by the the Museum, each one is of the highest production, design, cleanliness, making their use seamless, and UN-encumberded by the “bells and whistles common to much of the use of the New Media today. Our Post, today, features one of them – Vincent in 2016.

Vincent in Amsterdam, in 2016

As the Museum states,

“What would Vincent do on Friday if he lived in Amsterdam in 2016? This was the question that took centre stage in our campaign for the Vincent on Friday evening programme. We commissioned 12 short films showing a modern-day Vincent in everyday urban situations. Can you spot all of the references to the work and life of Vincent van Gogh?” Check them out in the video above.”

This video presents the humanism of the art, and the humanism of the artist.


* One of Vincent’s Letter to His BrotherVanGoghLetter


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