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Delacroix’s Colour – Why is This Such a Great Museum Video?

April 6, 2016. New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday, by Jack Dziamba

Delacroix’s Colour | Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art | The National Gallery, London*

Why This Is Such a Great Museum Video

This blog reviews Fine Art in the New Media, and the goal to make art accessible to everyone, everywhere.  The video above by the National Gallery  is one of the best museum videos we’ve seen.  Check out the following 20 reasons

  1. It focuses on  a single artist – Eugène Delacroix
  2. It focuses on a single subject –   Delacroix’s use of Col0ur
  3. The statements made by  the narrator, Professor Paul Smith – History of Art – University of Warwick, about  Delacroix’s use of colour are simple, direct, and,  jargon free.
  4. The narrator focuses on the subject.
  5. The narrator does not try to impress the viewer with  “erudite” statements.
  6. The visuals of the Art are the dominant part of the video.
  7. The narrator clearly loves the subject.
  8. There are no background distractions in the shots of the narrator.
  9. The visuals match the narrative, and are kept moving to keep the viewer engaged.
  10. The shots of the Art, and of the narrator are kept purposely tight.
  11. Comparisons to other artists, Cézanne, Van Gogh, Gaugun, Kadinski,  are made visually, with single images.
  12. The video does not attempt to encompass  the full panoply of “The Rise of Modern Art”, but makes its point clearly and directly.
  13. We can easily explain Delacroix’s use of colour to others, including children.
  14. We like the narrator.
  15. We are stimulated to watch the video more than once.
  16. We are stimulated to want to learn more.
  17. There are additional videos, (below) including the Curator’s Introduction, are easily obtainable.
  18. There is a clean, non- obtrusive user interface.
  19. AND, ‘cuz it’s just very well done.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.45.09 AM

Screen Shot
                                                    *Why did Paul Cézanne describe Delacroix’s palette as ‘the most beautiful in France’? Professor Paul Smith explores Delacroix’s theories on colour and how his approach had a profound influence on the artists associated with the rise of modern art.
Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art.  17 February – 22 May 2016 National Gallery London. (Source: YouTube)

More: Delacroix, The Complete Works

h/t ArtDailyVideos

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