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VISIT VENICE – Art, History, Romance via the NEW MEDIA

July 22, 2015, by Jack Dziamba – New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday

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Summer – Art, History, and Romance in Venice

Since it’s summer, we seem to be concentrating on stunning visual tours, or on books to read at the beach (and elsewhere).

So, this week it’s Venice via tools of the New Media.  You can explore: Adventure, History, or Romance

simply by scrolling down the site to this page, and selecting what you want to see.

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Famous Art in Venice

“Thanks to the collaboration between the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia and the Google Cultural Institute, the International Gallery of Modern Art – Ca’ Pesaro is now part of Google Art Project: an online platform through which the public around the world can access high-resolution images of works of art in the collections of museums partners in the initiative, with the goal of democratizing access to culture and to promote its preservation for future generations.
For Ca’ Pesaro are uploaded 50 high resolution images of some of the most representative works of the collection and the museum display. These include The Rabbi of Vitebsk by Marc Chagall, the beautiful Judith II (Salomé) by Gustav Klimt, the great paiting of Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida Sewing canvas, The Thinker by Auguste Rodin and the famous Zig Zag by Wassily Kandinsky. To remind some Italians: Felice Casorati with The ladies and the fundamental work of Medardo Rosso, Madame X and Ecce Puer.
Visitors to the Art Project platform can browse the works based on the name of the artist, the title, the type of art, the museum, the country, or the period of time, appreciating these masterpieces in their total beauty allowed to see even the most accurate detail. Among the features available, ‘My Gallery’ allows users to save specific views of selected artworks and build their own personal gallery. Comments can be added to each painting and the whole gallery can be shared with friends on social networks. Also, ‘Compare’ allows people to examine two works of art ‘side by side’ in the same screen to look more closely at how the style of an artist has evolved over time, or connect his artistic trends, or look deep into two details of a same work.”  (Source: Ca’ Pesaro Venice.)
Famous Sites in Venice
venice bridge

You can also take a 360 tour of some of Venice’s favorite sites such as the Doges Palace, The Bridge of Sighs (above), St. Mark’s Square, and others right here.

And, ET Goes to Venice

H/Ts: Open Culture,  and the Google Art Project


One comment on “VISIT VENICE – Art, History, Romance via the NEW MEDIA

  1. In the Summer of ’65, having spent a year at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, I had driven my Vespa from southern Italy to Rome where I received a letter (remember snail- mail?) from my friend HM Saffer asking me to meet him in Paris on a certain date. He had graduated Temple University & was coming to Europe for a stay. Although I was able to visit Florence & other cities, meeting him put the cabash on my plan to spend time in Venice. Had a grand time in Paris & environs but never did see Venice so this is a welcome post!

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