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June 24, 2015 – New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday

Juilliard Open Studios App

This blog is devoted to the Book and Fine Art in the New Media,institutions which use New Media to fufill the mission of making Art available to everyone- everywhere. On May 28, 2015, The Juilliard School announced the release of the free App,  Juilliard Open Studios. As stated in the Juilliard Digital website, “Juilliard Digital products offer everyone—from beginners to connoisseurs—new opportunities to learn about and find inspiration in timeless works of art.” 

Fine Art in the New Media

The App is a cool blend of innovative New Media technology, and a number of interactive features (described below) which brings you right into the studio. The app is free, as is the first episode. Additional episodes are by subscription ($7.99/mo), supporting The Juilliard School’s educational mission, including scholarships and outreach programs.

“Juilliard Open Studios is an App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that provides behind-the-scenes looks at Juilliard’s educational process. The app offers an insider’s view of classes, rehearsals, coachings, and productions in development.

The app uses innovative technology to connect users, whether novices or connoisseurs, to an entertaining collection of dance, drama, and music episodes.  Juilliard Open Studios is available in the App Store worldwide in English and Chinese (traditional and simplified).”

Interactive Features

“The app’s interactive features, which include layer-in-layer video, circle insights, voice-over commentary, interviews, and scrolling dance guides, scripts, and scores, allow users to direct their own experience and view content from different perspectives. The app is free to download and will launch with seven episodes.”

App and First Episode Free*

“Each user can access one episode for free; the complete, growing library of content can be accessed with a monthly subscription ($7.99 per month). By subscribing, users will be supporting all aspects of Juilliard’s educational mission, including scholarships and outreach programs.”

Free Episode Trailers

While the App is subscription based, you can view trailers (approximately 6 minutes each) from the First Episode free at  http://digital. Juilliard.edu/open-studios. Below is one titled “First Movement,” performed by Adria Ye  with commentary by world renowned piano pedagogue Veda Kaplinsky.

Juilliard Faculty Members

“In the first year, episodes in the Juilliard Open Studios app will feature renowned Juilliard faculty members and alumni such as Emanuel Ax, Terese Capucilli, Wynton Marsalis, and Stephen Wadsworth, as well as guest artists including dancers Marcelo Gomes and Luciana Paris, trumpeter Jon Faddis, choreographer Larry Keigwin, and playwright Tony Kushner. “

Special Features

“Juilliard Digital will release a second app in late June: a single-download deep-dive into Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden” quartet with the Juilliard String Quartet. This app will give users access to in-depth commentary, historical context, HD video of complete performances, and special features including the ability to highlight individual instruments, a scrolling score, and an innovative visualization of the music called the BeatMap.”

App Developers

Juilliard Opens Studios has been developed by Juilliard Digital – part of The Juilliard School – and Touchpress, a pioneering app developer and the creator of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, The Elements, and Liszt Sonata in B Minor, among other apps.

*Scholarship Program for the App Episodes?

As mentioned above, The app is free to download and will launch with seven episodes. Each user can access one episode for free. However, it is hoped that the Juilliard will introduce a “Scholarship Program” whereby those who cannot afford the $7.99 monthly subscription can access them for free. Perhaps Juilliard Digital and Touchpress are already working on such a Program?

Source: The Juilliard School


  1. I would love to see an Android version. C’mon Juilliard, get with it. Nothing against the fruit company, but we Droids need Juilliard’s app too!

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