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Art Basel in Basel 2015 “Unlimited” (VIDEO)- Fine Art in the New Media

Art Basel in Basel 2015-  Unlimited

The Unlimited sector of the international art fair Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland, presents large scale installations, paintings and sculptures, performances and videos in Hall 1 of Messe Basel. This video provides you with a first look at the exhibition, which is always one of the highlights of Art Basel.


Art Basel

“Art Basel stages art shows for Modern and contemporary works of the highest quality, sited annually in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong.Each show has participating galleries, exhibition sectors, artworks and parallel programming produced in collaboration with the host city’s local institutions.

Art Basel provides a platform for galleries, giving them access to an international audience of collectors, museum directors and curators. The shows attract people with an appreciation of modern and contemporary art who experience Art Basel as a cultural event.”

Fine Art in the New Media- Vernissange TV

By the use of You Tube (now, an old New Media tool), Huff Post and Vernissange TV have made it possible to see high quality videos of major art fairs, wherever they may be held. This, in itself is a major project in the creative use the tools of the New Media to make Art accessible to anyone in the world.

Moreover, the quality of the Vernissange TV videos are a an exceptional primer on the use of video to produce an art experience as if one were there. Notice the cleanness of the video, framing, editing, outstanding shots of the Art, and the simple ambient sound,  producing an effect almost as if you were one of the people in the video viewing there at the Fair.  Notice also, that the focus is on the Art itself, with no distracting talking heads or text.

VernissageTV (VTV) is the Internet’s unique TV art project, which covers exhibitions and events in the fields of contemporary art, design and architecture. It produces films and videos for our web series, as well as for museums, galleries, art spaces, art fairs, and art publications.” Vernissange TV is now in its 20th Season, and its archives contain some 240 pages of art, shows, fairs, and interviews going back to September 2005. Talk about an Art binge!

Art Basel in Basel

Art Basel in Basel, which began in 1970, takes place in June and marks the summer reunion of the international art world, hosted by the Swiss city of Basel, which has been a cultural capital for centuries. In 2014, the show featured more than three hundred galleries from thirty-six countries, attracting more than ninety-two thousand artists, collectors, gallerists, museum directors, curators, and art enthusiasts.

More details about Art Basel

“The show is divided into eight sectors:

Galleries: The anchor of Art Basel is its Galleries sector, over 230 of the world’s leading galleries of Modern and contemporary art show 20th – 21st century artworks. Visitors are presented a breadth of works including paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations, prints, photography, video and digital art by more than 4,000 artists.

Feature: The Feature sector emphasizes precisely curated projects that may include solo presentations by an individual artist, or juxtapositions and thematic exhibits from artists representing a range of cultures, generations, and artistic approaches.

Statements: In this sector, Art Basel presents exciting new solo projects by young, emerging artists.

Edition: Leading publishers of editioned works, prints, and multiples exhibit the results of their collaboration with renowned artists.

Unlimited: Unlimited is Art Basel’s pioneering exhibition platform for projects that transcend the limitations of a classical art-show stand. It was launched in 2000 under the direction of Samuel Keller with Simon Lamunière as curator until 2011. The innovative work includes out-sized sculpture and paintings, video projections, large-scale installations, and live performances. Since 2012, Unlimited is curated by New York-based curator Gianni Jetzer.

Parcours: Parcours engages the city’s historical quarters with site-specific sculptures, interventions, and performances by renowned international artists and emerging talents. Parcours is curated by Florence Derieux and is open to the public.

Film: Art Basel’s week long program of films by and about artists is curated by Berlin film scholar Maxa Zoller and Zurich collector This Brunner.

Magazines: Art publications from around the world display their magazines in single-magazine stands or the collective booth.

Outside the exhibition halls, the city of Basel’s cultural institutions – including Fondation Beyeler, Kunstmuseum Basel, Kunsthalle Basel, Tinguely Museum, and Kunsthaus Baselland – offer museum exhibitions.” (Source: Wikipedia.)

H/T Huff Post


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