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A night at the British Museum: after-hours with Dan Snow at ‘Defining Beauty’

BRITISH MUSEUM disco_944Marble statue of discus-thrower by Myron. Roman copy of a bronze Greek original of the 5th century BC.

From The British Museum Press Release,

 “At 6.30pm on Thursday 28 May, the British Museum will present a live 30 minute broadcast from its current blockbuster exhibition, Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek art, sponsored by Julius Baer. This unique broadcast will be live-streamed using the hugely popular Periscope app to share the secrets of these remarkable works of Ancient Greek art.”


“For over two thousand years the Greeks experimented with representing the human body. From the prehistoric simplicity of Cycladic figurines to the realism of the Hellenistic age, Greek craftsmen gave form to thought in a rich harvest of artworks through which the human condition was explored and interpreted.

This exhibition examines Greek interest in human character as well as sexual and social identity. In athletics, the male body was displayed as if it were a living sculpture, and victors were commemorated by actual statues. In art, not only were mortal men and women represented, but also the gods and other beings of myth and the supernatural world. They were either conceived in the image of humankind or in monstrous combinations of human and animal form.”


This blog is dedicated to the use of the New Media technology to makeArt accessible. The British Museum’s Live Tour represents a unique use of the New Media tools and technology to fulfill its mission to make Art accessible to anyone in the world.

“Periscope enables users to stream live whatever is visible to their smartphone or tablet camera and anyone watching can leave comments or share the link to the video via their Twitter account.

Chris Michaels, Head of Digital & Publishing at the British Museum said, “As a museum of the world for the world, we are always looking to experiment with new ways to share our exhibitions with the world, both the huge audiences who do visit us, and the audiences that cannot. Mobile technology and social media offer incredible ways to do that, and Periscope is a brilliant new innovation. The immediacy and intimacy of this way of broadcasting can help bring the wonder of Greek sculpture to a new audience.” Dan Snow said, “The British Museum is placing itself at the cutting-edge of new technology by using Periscope to broadcast live to a potential reach of millions.”


You can download the Periscope app for iOS: Download the iOS App, and for Android: Download the Android App. As Periscope explains,

Just over a year ago, we became fascinated by the idea of discovering the world through someone else’s eyes. It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation. While there are many ways to discover events and places, we realized there is no better way to experience a place right now than through live video. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around.”


“The live link will be shared from the BM’s Twitter feed (@britishmuseum #DefiningBeauty), along with a series of exclusive content.

The broadcast can be watched live within the Periscope app, and a replay version will be available on the app for 24 hours afterwards.

A recording will be available to view the next day on the British Museum’s Facebook page and Youtube channel, as well the British Museum’s webpage.

The broadcast can also be watched live on desktop computers but will no longer be viewable on this site once the broadcast ends.”


The Museum’s website also has spectacular pictures of some Highlights from the Exhibition.

H/T ArtDaily




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