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Chauvet reddots2

                                 A painting located near the entrance to the Chauvet Cave composed of a cluster of large dots, which may represent a mammoth.

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The Bradshaw Foundation , whose purposes include “promoting the study of early mankind’s artistic achievements,” reported on World Heritage status recently granted to the Chauvet Cave.

The prehistoric Chauvet Cave in southern France has been granted World Heritage status by the UN cultural agency UNESCO on Sunday, the Chauvet cave contains the earliest known figurative drawings in the world. At a gathering the delegates at UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee voted to grant the status to the Grotte Chauvet after considering cultural and natural wonders for inclusion on the UN list.

Here are some more beautifully photographed IMAGES from the BRADSHAW FOUNDATION, and a desctiption of the significance of the Cave,

Located in the Arceche region of France, Chauvet cave survived for millennia before being discovered in 1994 and contains over 1,000 cave paintings dating to 36,000 years ago and thought to be the first human culture in Europe. French Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti called the Chauvet cave ‘a major site for humanity‘ that provides an exceptional opportunity for study. It is ‘a jewel whose emotional power is as strong today as when it was conceived,’ she said in a statement. While a French lawmaker for the Ardeche, Pascal Terrasse, went on to describe the cave as ‘a first cultural act‘. ‘This artist has now been recognised,’ Terrasse said. ‘May he forgive us for waiting 36,000 years.’

And a longer video clip of the Cave,

You can also see a film of the Cave, in 3D, made by Werner Herzog called, “The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and watch the Trailer here.


What more need be said once you’ve see these spectacular paintings? How about a Virtual Tour of the Cave, which demonstrates the power of the tolls of the New Media to make the Cave accessible to everyone.The  Cave’s website has a with simple and well done graphics that put you right there. The Cave’s website also has Tabs for  “Time and Space” , Geological, Archaeological, and Cultural Significance of the Cave, the story of the Discovery , Authentication, Preservation, and the Research of the Cave.To preserve the paintings, The Cave is sealed to most visitors, but a perfect Replica is under construction, expected to open at the end of 2014, where everyone can visit and see the paintings. The Replica “is made possible by a 3D technique developed using a high-prescision scanner to generate a full-scale digital reproduction of the Cave,” another innovative use of New Media technology.


This site, Don’s Maps, ( a true find) has an extensive article on the Chauvet, alond with ariel phptos and, maps of the Cave and surrounding area.






While you’re  deciding whether Abstract Art existed 35, 000 years ago, you might also like to consider

whether Picasso might have been inspired by the same spirit as the painter of the prehistoric

“The Venus and Sorcerer or Man-Bison.”  Indeed, if you study the panoply of art in the Chauvet Cave, you come to the conclusion that the major “Art Movements,” such as Realism, Expressionism, Naturalism, Impressionism, Abstract, and the major “Art Principles,” such as Perspective, Shading, Dimension, and Movement all existed 35,000 years ago.

The question is, “Where did they come from?”





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