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Delaware Art Museum Launches Online Collection; Over 1,000 Works of Art Included

As recently reported by ArtDaily

Through the web-based platform eMuseum, the Museum’s best known works of
art–including many that are not currently on view–can now be seen from anywhere in the world.

From the Museum’s website,

The Delaware Art Museum was established “to promote the knowledge
and enjoyment of and cultivation in the fine arts in the State of Delaware.” To
further uphold this vision, we are placing our unique collection online.

Either by browsing existing collections or using the keyword search, this site allows visitors
to explore our excellent holdings in Pre-Raphaelite Art, American Art, Illustration,
and much more!

ArtDaily gives us the details,

To date, over 1,000 works of art–paintings, drawings, and
sculptures–have been photographed, catalogued, and added to the website.

The Museum’s entire 12,500-work collection, including the largest
collection of British Pre-Raphaelite art outside of the United Kingdom, American
illustration, and American art from the 1800s to the present, will be available
online by 2018.

The complete and informative database will allow the Delaware Art
Museum to carry out its core mission of connecting people to art.

‘This is an incredible opportunity for the Museum,’ explains Margaretta Frederick,
Chief Curator and Curator of the Bancroft Collection of Pre-Raphaelite Art at the
Delaware Art Museum. ‘Putting the collection online allows us to serve our diverse
audiences more effectively through expanded access to collections-related
information, images, and scholarship.’

The new database is accessible through the Museum’s website (delart.org). Under the
“Collections” tab, visitors to the site will have the option to “Search the
Collection” and easily maneuver between curated collections, individual object
records, and related artist biographies.

Registration is free to all visitors, and account holders can select favorite records,
curate personal online collections, and save research notes.


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