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For their fifth year at TEFAF, Hammer Galleries will be exhibiting an exceptional selection of Impressionist and Modern Masters with key highlights by
Monet, Modigliani and Picasso. Also on display in Hammer Galleries’ booth at TEFAF 2014 are works by Marc Chagall, Fernand Léger, Henri Matisse, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-August Renoir, Alfred Sisley, among others.

TEFAF Maastricht, in The Netherlands (also known as The European Fine Art Fair) is the longest art fair, running for 12 days.


Can’t travel to Masstricht? Many of these works can be seen in the virtual tour of Hammer Galleries’ recent exhibitionThe Modern Muse, which was in the New York Gallery until February 24, 2014, when many of the works were moved to Mastrich.

The virtual tour of “The Modern Muse” is accompanied by an excellent Essay by noted biographer, Meryle Secrest:

World War I would bring about major transformation in the lives of women … As for art, by 1900 a revolt against the kind of naturalism that Renoir and the Impressionists had celebrated was already underway. Surrealism, Objectivism, Cubism, and Abstraction were fast becoming the new realities.

The works in the virtual tour include those shown below.

HammerGalleries Jeunne fille

Amedeo Modigliani Jeune fille assise, les cheveux dénoues(Jeune fille en bleu)

Quoting from Art Daily,

Modigliani’s Jeune fille assise, les cheveux dénoués (Jeune fille en bleu) is a beautiful painting that depicts a young anonymous female model in Modigliani’s emblematic style. Given the young artist’s untimely death at thirty-five and his very limited output, it is incredibly rare to have a major oil portrait such as this for display. Modigliani’s Jeune fille assise, les cheveux dénoués (Jeune fille en bleu) is one of only 347 works recognized in the highly respected Ceroni Catalogue.

HammerGalleries Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, “Gabrielle au chapeau de paille.”

Kees van Dongen, “La rue de la Paix.”

HammerGalleries  La rue de la Paix


Of course art gallery shows are reviewed by critics. In the same manner, a review on this gallery’s use of the New Media is important. A show usually comes and goes in a month and then it’s on to the next. The Hammer Galleries’ virtual tour uses New Media tools creatively to make its exhibition not only interactive, but permanent.

The Galleries’ virtual tour was created by Virtual Tour Group, Inc., a full service digital imaging company that provides exceptional interactive media. The virtual tour is a show in itself. The entire exhibit was not only shown online, but it was shown digitally interactive–literally right from the front door and continuing throughout the gallery. E-Gallery visitors enter the gallery and through a series of high definition photography scenes, they see the exhibition as one would see from physically entering the gallery. The visitor could “walk” through each of the rooms, turn and see the room in a full 360, and approach each work as it hung in the exhibition. Moreover, the visitor can enlarge each work for an up-close view of the art piece.

The online gallery allows the works to remain on permanent display. This is a notable achievement as it makes the exhibition available world wide, thus increasing the audience and access to the art.

Thus, the Hammer Gallery and Virtual Tour Group, Inc. have achieved all of the objectives for Fine Art in the New Media set out in the Purpose Page of this blog:

1. Fine Art in the New Media should be accessible.
2. Fine Art in the New Media should be interactive.
3. It should be viewer directed.
4. It should be able to be manipulated, enabling the viewer to use their creativity to examine, adapt, and experiment with the art.
5. It should be comparative , enabling the viewer to array art from different museums, galleries or artists side by side to study technique, execution, and genre.
6. Lastly, Fine Art in the new media should be able to be viewed as a continuum of man’s effort at visual expression.

In sum, by the creative use of New Media tools, the Hammer Gallery has been able to transcend the limits of the typical time-based event. On the internet, there is no time–the time is always now.

BONUS: Video of TEFA set-up in Maastricht:

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