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An Improved New Media Matrix

by: Zoraida Cabrera

New Posts Made Weekly, Wednesday 8:30 PM EST.

Because of the popularity and importance of the new version of the New Media Matrix, our next post will be next Wednesday Nov. 28.

In February Whither the Book launched the New Media Matrix. As the post which announced it explained,

A key feature of this bolg is the MATRIX titled the “Fine Art in the New Media Matrix,” which chronicles and evaluates new apps and tools both for art and literature. for publishing in the new media. We have begun testing, evaluating, and writing comments on these developments for the Matrix.

Because the Matrix will be continuously updated and has live links to the apps and tools, it is hoped that it will become a major resource and research tool for publishing in the new media.

The Matrix has definitely become a major tool, which has continuously grown since it first appeared in the blog. Like the book and the arts, it has also evolved in the sense that new ideas have made it more interactive. Today Whither the Book officially launches the new and improved New Media Matrix.

The Matrix is still divided in six categories: Publishing in the New Media, Museum Apps, Photo Editing Apps, Artist’s Tools, Augmented Reality Apps, and Interactive Media Apps. However, it is now has a new layout and is much more easy to navigate. It is arranged alphabetically in each category, and now whenever you go to the “Key” section, on the first page, you only have to click on the category and you will be sent right to it. The Matrix still has one of its best features – all of the links are live,  so that the user can get immediately to the app or tool of interest.

Bellow are excerpts from each category of the Matrix.

To see the full New Media Matrix, click here.


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