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By Kana Maeji

New Weekly Post goes up every Wednesday at 8:30PM EST

Growing my up whole life in Japan, I have been surrounded by temples and shrines that mark the beginning and end of life. Intrigued by the subtle presence of Buddhism and Shintoism even in the 21st century streets of bustling Tokyo, I took to capturing the calm environment from everywhere from hidden temples in the mountains to major tourist hot spots. Due to the advancement of camera phones, especially the iPhone with new applications released daily, capturing moments have become quick, painless and revolutionary. 3 (free) apps that intertwine tranquil East-Asian lifestyles and religion with photography are Photosynth, Camera Awesome, and Undo “雲堂.” These 3 apps, as well as others that have been discovered and researched are added to the New Media Matrix, which is kept up to date with the newest, most groundbreaking apps. A version of this in Japanese will be added.

This free app—now available on iPhone and other mobile devices—stitches images together to create a 360 panorama, vertically and horizontally. It links together images captured by a camera phone or regular camera, creating a 360 bubble, allowing you to navigate around the location to view monuments and locations from all angles.

This software application from Microsoft Live Labs was first released in August of 2008 to the public after working with NASA and several years of research. The phone-compatible version was released to phones May 30th, 2012, but earlier was only compatible with computers.

The software allows for easy manipulation of images, and for quick movement between neighboring images that share common features. Because it weaves so many images together, it creates a high-resolution, precise recreation of a moment in time.

On the Bing blog, where they announced the release of Photosynth for mobile phones, the Bing Team said,

“Sometimes a single photo – even a wide-angle photo – doesn’t do a place justice. Whether it’s the view off a cliff, or inside an incredible cathedral, we’ve all been to places that cry out for a full 360 panorama. Photosynth is the only mobile app that can stitch a full sphere. That’s 360 degrees horizontally and vertically.”

With Photosynth, you can share photos on social networks such as Bing, Photosynth online, Twitter and Facebook. By sharing panoramas online, it allows other users to discover monuments and locations in areas they’re interested in.

It expands knowledge, challenges people to think outside of the box and makes possible a beginning and an end to be stitched together, paralleling the cycle of life and rebirth. It allows you to be in the moment without physically being there. This recreation of a moment, allows you to place yourself in that moment, but through an experience similar to an out-of-body experience.

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome is a free camera app released by SmugMug this spring for iPhones, other iOS utilities, and smart phones with an ample supply of editing tools, filters, frames, advanced shooting features and sharing capabilities.

Although camera phones are not as advanced DSLRs, many features of camera phones are being refined to increase the efficiency and capabilities of them. With Camera Awesome comes image stabilization, timers, interval modes, and fast/slow burst. It also offers focus and exposure that can be locked separately, taking image capturing one step further on camera phones. This feature of keeping exposure and focus separate is one that allows correct and precise manipulation of the photograph, something that isn’t seen in image capturing with DSLRs.

Camera Awesome is distinguishable from other leading photo apps such as Camera+ and Instagram because it offers video capturing.

The CEO of SmugMug explains, “photography changes the world, and we figured if we could make this app free, then the world would be a better place.”

The Awesomize editing feature, which sets this app apart from all others, is one that allows for a correction of exposure and coloring.
Alexandra Chang from Macworld claims,

“Awesomize utilizes a complex photo-processing algorithm that looks for tones and colors in the image in order to make it more vibrant and, of course, awesome. You can adjust the sharpness, temperature, vibrance, and contrast of the photo while using the Awesomize tool.”

There are 108 photo editing options, 8 crop options, 63 filters, 63 textures, and 63 frames users can choose from, making a total of 216,040,608 edited combinations available.

Photos taken on iPhones save information automatically such as where, when, at what ISO, shutter speed and f-stop the photo was taken. Similar to many other camera apps, Camera Awesome offers users to share photos on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, YouTube, Photobucket and SmugMug galleries.

With so many doors open, and so many opportunities are your fingertips, it is easy to become totally absorbed in photography on your iPhone. It is still up to the photographer to capture the moment, only that Camera Awesome does an incredible job in feeding creativity and allowing more options, more possibilities than any other camera app that has ever been released.

Undo “雲堂”
Undo, released by Google Play is a Meditation, or “Zazen” app which allows for meditation wherever, whenever you desire. Zen is a good method of releasing the artist’s creativity and this app is a great way of practicing zen. It was released in late February of this year, and is being slowly discovered, and has so far been rated 4.5/5 stars. This simple app is user-friendly and can be downloaded in multiple languages.

At first, you will decide the length of your meditation time.
With a tap on the iPhone screen, you will be guided through instructions to prepare yourself for the meditation. Because this app is new-user friendly, it has an option of receiving guided instructions throughout the meditation process and an optional guided video.
A bell ringing 3 times will signify the beginning of your meditation.

Incense in accordance with the set meditation time is shown on the screen of the iPhone, and will burn as you meditate. The app recommends placing the iPhone between your thumbs and index fingers while your hands are in a prayer formation when you are tired or when you cannot focus. When the bell rings once, it signifies the end of the meditation.

What brings this Zen app to this generation is that it allows you to connect to other users all over the world through social media.
The producers of Undo believe that meditation, although often performed alone, is a method of spiritually connecting with others all across the world. They say,

“From long ago, people with the same will for training gathered deep in the mountains, like clouds, to practice, and this has been passed down through the ages. Temple buildings are often called “do.” Zen monks in training are called “Unsui”. The temple building, or any place where they practice Zazen is the “do” where “unsui” gather, hence it is called “Undo”. Also, “cloud” in Japanese is “Un”, and cloud computing has made it possible for people around the world, at any time and in any place, to be connected and practice Zazen together. These “clouds” on the net have become the new “Undo” for everyone. Our Undo App lets you know how many people around the world, at any given moment, are using their iPhones to practice Zazen.”

Whether it’s a moment standing on top of the highest cliff in South America, or in a tropical rainforest or just in a wonderful museum, there are times you wish you can capture the moment and preserve it forever. More and more, technology is paving the path to make moments almost re-creatable. In these moments of zen, whether you are able to capture it or not, images, feelings and thoughts linger with you. Sometimes zen and a tranquil state of mind is achieved through experiencing and capturing a moment. Similarly, a peaceful mindset achieved through meditation might be what is necessary to prepare your mind to capture a precious moment. Meditation, tranquility, and serenity go hand in hand with photography.



新しい週刊ポストは20:30 ESTに毎週水曜日に出ます

私の日本で育ちましたので、始まりと終わりを記号するお寺や神社に囲まれています。さらに賑やかな東京の二十一世紀の街の仏教と神道の微妙な存在に興味をそそられ、私は山の中で隠された寺院の主要な景色のどこからでも静かな環境を取り込むました。特にカメラ付き携帯電話、毎日公開された新しいアプリケーションとiPhoneの進歩により、大事な瞬間を簡単にキャプチャすることが、迅速な無痛の、革命的となっています。写真と絡み合う静かな東アジアの生活や宗教がPhotosynth、Camera awesome、 と雲堂。これら3つのアプリは無料で、ニューメディアマトリックスに追加されます。 ニューメディアマトリックスは最新の、最も画期的なアプリで最新の状態に保たれている。


マイクロソフトのLive Labsからこのソフトウェアアプリケーションは、最初のNASAと研究の数年で働いた後、一般に公開2008年8月にリリースされました。携帯電話と互換性のあるバージョンは、携帯電話2012年5月30日にリリースされましたが、以前はコンピュータのみと互換性があった。



“時には一枚の写真 – さらに広角写真が – 場所の正義を行いません。それは崖からか、信じられないほどの大聖堂内部のビューだかどうか、我々はすべての360パノラマのために叫ぶの場所に行った事がある。 Photosynthは球体をできる唯一のモバイルアプリです。それは水平方向と垂直方向360度です。 ”



Camera Awesome
Camera Awesomeは編集ツール、フィルター、フレーム、高度な撮影機能と共有機能の十分な供給をiPhoneと他のIOSユーティリティーとスマホのためにこの春、SmugMugが発表した無料なカメラアプリです。

カメラ付き携帯電話は、高度なデジタルカメラと比べられないけれど、カメラ付き携帯電話の多くの機能は、それらの効率性と能力を向上させる洗練されています。Camera Awesomeは画像安定化、タイマー、インターバルモード、および高速/低速バーストを付属しています。また、カメラ付き携帯電話でさらに一歩キャプチャ画像を撮影し、個別にロックすることができますピントと露出を提供しています。独立した露出やフォーカスを維持するのは、この機能は、写真の正しくて正確な操作を可能にする1つ、デジタルカメラでのキャプチャ画像では見られないものです。

Camera Awesomeはビデオのキャプチャを提供していますので、このアプリはカメラ+とInstagramのような他の主要な写真アプリから区別される。

SmugMugの最高経営責任者(CEO)は “写真は世界を変える、と我々はこのアプリを無料にすることができれば、その後の世界はより良い場所になると思いました”と説明する。


“Awesomizeは活気に満ちた、もちろん、素晴らしいようにするために、画像のトーンと色を探して、複雑な写真処理アルゴリズムを採用しています。 Awesomizeツールを使用しているときには、写真の鮮明さ、色の温度、自然な彩度、コントラストを調整することができます。 ”

iPhoneで撮影した写真は、どこで、どのようなISO、シャッタースピードで、写真が撮影された情報を保存します。他の多くのカメラのアプリと同様に、camera awesomeでFacebook、Flickr、Twitter、PicasaやYouTube、PhotobucketとSmugMugのギャラリーで写真を共有するために提供しています。


Googleplayでリリースされ、望むいつでもどこでも、瞑想を可能にする “座禅”アプリです。禅は、アーティストの創造性を解放する良い方法であり、このアプリは、禅の練習の素晴らしい方法です。それが今年の二月下旬にリリースされ、徐々に発見されており、これまで4.5 / 5星と評価されています。この単純なアプリは、ユーザーフレンドリーであり、複数の言語でダウンロードすることができます。




“ずっと前から、トレーニングのための同じ意志を持つ人々は練習し、雲のように、山の奥深くに集まって、これは古くから受け継がれています。寺の建物は、しばしば “ん”と呼ばれています。訓練の禅の僧侶は、 “雲水”と呼ばれています。寺の建物、または任意の場所がどこで練習座禅はどこに “do”の “雲水”とは、 “元に戻す”と呼ばれていますので、収集されています。また、日本語で “雲”は “UN”で、クラウドコンピューティングは、相互に接続して練習座禅する、いつでも任意の場所で、世界中の人々のためにそれが可能になりました。ネット上でこれらの “雲”は、新しいみんなのために “元に戻す”となっています。私たちの元に戻すアプリでは、座禅を練習する彼らのiPhoneを使用している場合は、任意の時点で、世界中のどのように多くの人々を知ることができます。 ”



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