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As reported by Art Daily,

“In the month following its launch, the updated and expanded Einstein Archives website recorded tens of millions of hits and was visited by nearly 1 million people from around the world.

Launched by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at a March 19 press conference, the site, Einstein Archives Online contains a catalog of more than 80,000 Einstein-related documents, and a visual display of 2,000 documents up to the year 1921, with more digitized documents to follow. The site recorded more than 21 million hits and 650,000 unique visitors in its first five days, and more than 34 million hits and 925,000 unique visitors in its first month.

Visitors to the site came from 160 countries, among them Arab countries. The launch was reported by hundreds of news outlets across the globe and spent five consecutive days as a top story on Google News.”

On the carousel page, you can view his actual hand-written manuscript of E=mc^2, and The General Theory of Relativity. Each page of the manuscript can be enlarged and manipulated, so you can examine the manuscript and his handwriting in detail.


Another unique feature of the site is the section of Audiovisual Materials. According to the site, the audiovisual materials consist of four main collections:

“* Photographs: the photograph collection consists of formal and informal portraits of Einstein from his earliest years till his death. It also includes photographs of Einstein with family members, friends, colleagues and associates and depicts Einstein at various events and occasions. This collection also contains a substantial number of cartoons featuring Einstein as well as reproductions of paintings and busts which depict him.
* Sound recordings: this collection includes recordings of Einstein’s voice in German and English, speaking on various subjects, such as the famous formula E=mc2 , the role of universities in society, and the nuclear threat.
* Film footage: this collection features Einstein in newsreels at events such as a Palestine Campaign dinner in New York in 1931, his arrival at Los Angeles pier holding his violin case in 1933, and his meeting with David Ben-Gurion in 1951. The collection also includes video copies of documentaries on Einstein made by various production companies.
* Multimedia products: this small collection includes CD-ROMs on Einstein or depicting the figure of Einstein.”


There are two excellent biographies of Einstein: His Life and Universe, one by Walter Isaacson, and Einstein: The Life and Times by Ronald W. Clark.










On their own, these biographies have tremendous force in conveying the life of Einstein, Scientific, Personal, Political, and Public. They are “Massive” books, running over 800 pages each. Let this be the M of the equation.

The hand written manuscripts, photographs, voice recordings are voluminous. Let them be the c2 in the equation. Their contribution is enormous.

Combined, and portrayed digitally, the power of these elements is E=mc2. That is, the print biographies + the power of 1,0000 words in one picture, enhanced by these elements would, in literary terms, have the force of an atomic bomb. In fact, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that out.


Therefore, the resistance of the publishing industry to the enhanced e-book no longer becomes comprehensible. Moreover, the likelihood of someone from outside the publishing industry coming in and effecting a paradigm change, is more pronounced.



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